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Capital taxes

This group of factsheets covers taxes on the disposal, generally by way of sale, of capital assets and the taxes

Corporate and business tax

The taxation issues you need to consider for both unincorporated and corporate businesses.

Employment and related matters

Concise summaries of information on employment law related topics relevant to both employers and employees.

Employment issues (tax)

Concise information on the tax issues relevant to both employers and employees.

General business

Issues to consider when running your own business.


Concise information on ICT matters.


Pensions are an important consideration for all and become more so the older you get but what are the rules?

Personal tax

Concise information on a variety of topics relevant to an individual.

Specialist areas

A round up of some specialist areas from Money Laundering to Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

Starting up in business

The issues to consider when starting up in business.


The VAT issues you need to consider when running your business.


The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out the special tax rules for subcontractors who work in the construction industry and

Support & Information Centre

Our aim is to provide a professional, personal, effective solution to all of your day-to-day accounting, auditing and taxation needs in Ilford, UK. We use our expertise to complete this work quickly and accurately, and our experience to explore opportunities and identify potential problems before they arise.


SMY Associates created with the mission to provide professional Accounting Services, HMRC personal tax account, Payroll, Capital gains tax, Management Consultancy, Taxation, ct600, Bookkeeping, Company Secretarial and Virtual Offices Services at affordable prices in UK. We help businesses of any size, from small & medium to large enterprises. Our team comprises a broad range of specialists in all areas of business including Business Development Analysts, tax return accountants, CA, ACCA, CPA that helps in managing accounting, auditing and tax planning, secretarial and private wealth management, and research team to help the businesses better manage their money.

Our service area includes:

  • Accounts Preparation.
  • Bookkeeping Services.
  • Taxation.
  • Management Consultancy.
  • Payroll.
  • Company Secretarial.
  • Virtual Office. 

How we can help?

By getting to know you and your business we aim to become a valuable member of your team. Here you’ll get all accountancy and taxation related information.

  • ICT (Information and Communication Technologies )
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)

Tools and technologies we use:

  • ClientZone
  • Downloadable forms
  • Market data
  • Online calculators
  • Tax calendar
  • Tax rates & allowances
  • Useful links

Why to Choose SMY:

We have helped many of our clients to grow and develop their businesses over the years. Supplying a comprehensive range of financial and business support services and ongoing strategic advice.


SMY Associates Strive to become the leading public accounting, business advisory, tax, legal and corporate services institution in the world by providing a broad and coordinated range of excellent, timely, value-for-money services that help our clients make the best business decisions; to be accessible to our clients, and work with them as a team by understanding their corporate cultures.


When you need any accountancy, taxation related issues that can’t be resolved with our knowledgebase, you can always count on our friendly support agents. They provide assistance 24/7 via chat, phone, and meeting.


Please feel free to contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, would like a free consultation or a fixed fee quote.